In your FAQ on Human Systems you say that:

"A key thesis of our approach is that social breakdown happens because new social environments are making it harder for us to live by our values."

Can you unpack that thesis?

"Every social issue can be framed as the failure of social environments to support people in living by their values:"

You say that "Human Systems is a collection of team processes, analysis techniques, and approaches to design and metrics to help people fix broken social systems, change norms, and recover meaning."

Can you say more about the aspect of recovering meaning? What is the relationship between systems design and our sense of meaningfulness?

Recover Meaning. Sometimes the hidden factors in social space support individual’s sense of meaning and meaningful relationships within that space. Other times, they don’t. Trace where meaning comes from in your life and others’, and where it gets blocked by poorly-designed institutions, processes, and environments."

"We believe the basic problem in understanding the social effects of technology and policy is one of seeing the social fabric. Unless designers can come to a common conception of what in society they might be damaging or supporting, it will be hard to anticipate or observe these effects."